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Mr. Roy Kellogg who is an immigration counsel and a member in good standing of ICCRC leading the CV IMMIGRATION team. He has more than thirty years of Immigration experience. Mr. Kellogg was the Minister of Immigration Counsel representing the Minister at hearings and appeals. Mr. Kellogg was promoted to a supervisory position and put in charge of 10 Case Presenting Officers at Mississauga Hearings. Mr. Kellogg was then placed in charge of the detained unit dealing with every person file who had become detained for violating the Immigration Act. He later was assigned as a program specialist for the Regional Director regarding

Humanitarian and Compassionate factors. Mr. Kellogg has had his qualifications extolled by many media outlets and this can be confirmed by simply googling his name with the word Immigration.

While CV Immigration only specializes in Immigration Law, we have other Legal Counsels who deal with Criminal Law and Family Law that can assist you if required. Here are some generally helpful tips that anyone can use. Remember that not all advice fits every situation, and therefore we strongly recommend you seek the counsel of an experienced Counsel for information on all your legal questions.


Our team of Toronto Counsels has years of experience working both in and out of Immigration Hearing rooms, with clients of all backgrounds and ages. We specialize in Sponsorships, Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications, Delaying Removals, Appeals, and we can handle all cases of all types. You can always count on us to take the time to explain your case’s options. We understand that changes and matters of  Immigration Law often happen without notice; we always ensure that someone is available to take on your case and dedicate his or her time. The sooner you have an Immigration Counsel on your side, the easier it is to build a strong defense to come to a successful completion.


The Law Offices of CV IMMIGRATION have proudly been serving the various ethnic communities for several years. Over the years, and based on increasing demand, our Law Firm has expanded and welcomed more Immigration Counsels as part of our team, who specialize in various areas of the Law, including representation to the Federal Court of Canada. We are extremely proud to offer Legal advice and to represent clients at all divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board including interviews with Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA).